Amazing Rockstar Concert!

Amazing concert last night! Incredible atmosphere that was created by almost 600 people and two spectacular bands was mind-blowing!! The place was so packed that at some point we had a line of 100 meters and the guards had to intervene quite a few times. There were guests from Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and even Finland. It’s amazing how many people came … Radio Antena did a great job by informing people about this venue!

I think this evening changed everyone who is involved in this project. Urska who was in charge of selling merchandise sold over 300 t-shirts and other items… and team of Rockstar Angels gave out over 200 Rockstar shower gel samples… So the evening was an amazing success and we can’t wait for our next big event!

So thanks to all you party animals who made this truly an amazing night and special thanks to my entire team – it’s been a great evening and I couldn’t be more proud of you!


Rockstar Concert

Rockstar Concert


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